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As a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, investor, and business owner, Ron Bauer is one of those trail blazers. With a proven track record of sustainable growth, Ron Bauer outlines the five biggest mistakes to avoid when starting your own company.

Ron Bauer has experience investing in a wide array of sectors including Life Sciences, Technology, Gaming, and Natural Resources. Ron Bauer was the co-founder of Turkana Energy, an Africa-focused Oil and Gas exploration company.

Turkana Energy merged with Africa Oil in July 2009 and subsequently grew to become one of Canada’s most successful Oil and Gas exploration companies. Africa Oil discovered one of the continent’s largest oil sources of this century on Turkana Energy’s concession. At its peak, after the discovery, Africa Oil traded at a market capitalization in excess of $3 Billion CAD and was one of the TSX’s highly traded companies in terms of volume and daily trading value. Ron Bauer graduated from the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School with a Master of Business Administration.

Ron Bauer’s focus in recent years has shifted to Life Sciences where he has worked with some of the world’s leading scientists to develop successful early-stage Life Science companies built around solid intellectual property in cooperation with leading academic institutions that include the University of Oxford, Stanford University, Cornell University, Vanderbilt University and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Ron Bauer: Dell and Immersive Technology's Untapped Potential

In a tech sector so consistently preoccupied with the machinations of its most powerful companies, it is not at all surprising that the innovative efforts of competitors are easily overshadowed. This is also true of the public at large, particularly when a company makes the decision to eschew attention-seeking strategies in favor of a subtle, quiet strategy.

Ron Bauer Gives Career And Entrepreneurial Advice

As a Private Equity firm, Bonsai Capital Ltd invests in technology and life-science companies still in the early stages of development. The managing partner of the firm, Ron Bauer, assists entrepreneurs and scientific founders in harnessing the value of their intellectual property and visionary ideas. He transforms their concepts and ideas into successful and thriving businesses.

Ron Bauer Discusses The Future of Blockchain

In 2017, the world witnessed an unprecedented rise of a new trend. Investors rejoiced as their ventures started booming and many newcomers joined the market. What was the underlying reason for such growth? Cryptocurrency. To this day, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies remain one of the most innovative opportunities out there. It is based on a revolutionary technology…

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